More Eleventh Circuit Rule Amendments on the Horizon

The Eleventh Circuit this week not only announced a handful of rule changes, but also proposed several additional changes to its local rules and internal operating procedures. These changes for the most part seek to once again eliminate vestiges of paper filing that are no longer necessary for the efficient operation of the Court, and to allow for electronic payment of filing fees. Check out the Court’s table of proposed changes [.pdf], and also the full redline of the proposed changes [.pdf].

Highlights of the proposed changes include:

  • Allowing the Clerk authority to expedite deadlines in criminal release cases
  • Eliminating the rule on transmission of oversized exhibits as unnecessary and relieving District Court Clerks of the duty to transmit child pornography exhibits.
  • Giving the Clerk the power to consolidate appeals when required by statute or in the interests of judicial economy.
  • Allowing for electronic filing of docketing fees.
  • Requiring any emergency motion to be accompanied by a phone call to the clerk to ensure proper handling.
  • Clarifying that when a party moves to file a brief out of time, the opposing party’s time to file a responsive brief does not commence until that motion is ruled upon.
  • Clarifying attorney admissions rules.
  • If you want to comment on the proposal, comments are due by 5pm May 4, 2018 [.pdf] and may be submitted here.

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