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I am lucky to live in a state where the legislature has declared that most of the state government’s works are dedicated to the public domain. The “Sunshine State” refers not only to our glorious Florida weather, but also to the state’s open record policy, set out in the state constitution and implimenting statutes. The Second DCA has stated that these public record laws forbid state agencies to claim or enforce copyright in state works. Microdecisions Inc., v. Skinner, 889 So.2d 871 (Fla. 2d DCA 2004) [.pdf]. Thus, most pictures of judges and courthouses, as well as the court maps, are utilized on the understanding that they are state-owned works exempt from copyright by state law. And alternatively, the use is fair.

The remaining photographs and illustrations come from either public domain sources or are used under license. I am particularly thankful to the strong community at that has dedicated so many fantastic photographs to licensed use with limited conditions.

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