a screen capture from the Florida e-filing portal initiation page with text and a map of the Florida court system

First and Third DCAs Transition to ePortal for Electronic Filing

a screen capture from the Florida e-filing portal initiation page with text and a map of the Florida court system

Your new first step to filing in all of the Florida District Courts of Appeal will be this screen.

The First and Third DCA’s yesterday announced that they will follow the other District Courts of Appeal in transitioning away from filing through eDCA and onto electronic filing through the statewide ePortal after hours on February 11, 2019. With this transition, all five District Courts of Appeal will have moved to ePortal filing. Be ready! If you have a deadline on February 11, you should plan to file in eDCA prior to 5 pm, or filing being shut off due to the transition.

4th and 5th DCAs Transition to Portal

After hours last night, the 4th and 5th DCAs both transitioned to e-portal filing. Both Courts sent out similar announcements:

This change will allow electronic service when filing, submission of multiple documents at a time, and electronic payment of filing fees. eDCA will remain as the Fourth [and Fifth] DCA’s method for electronic service of outgoing filings, and it will also continue to provide electronic case access.

We’ve previously shared the Second District Clerk’s take on the transition, and the expectation is that this rollout will be similar in each of the DCAs.

Fifth District Announces January 10 Portal Transition

The outside has not changed, but the method of filing has!

The Fifth District Court of Appeal announced today that it will transition from mandatory use of the eDCA system to the E-Filing Portal starting January 10, 2019.

The Second District made the transition on December 14, and we’ve already shared some of the lessons learned from that transition on behalf of that Court’s clerk and from our own experience.

Note that if you have a deadline of January 9, 2019, you should plan on filing early in the day to avoid technical issues. The Court explained in an email to eDCA users that the transition “The transition from eDCA filing is planned to occur after normal business hours on January 9, 2019. We apologize if there is a temporary interruption in service.”

As in the Second, don’t lament the loss of eDCA — it will still be there for the Court to provide electronic service of orders, and to provide lawyers with electronic access to the documents on the dockets in their cases.

The Fourth District has also announced the transition is coming soon for that Court, but has not provided a start date.