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I just filed some appeal-related documents in Broward County, and the Portal asked me about email addresses for eService. I was able to add attorneys by looking them up by bar number, by registered user name, and add supplemental e-mail addresses to the default — which was a good thing, because the email address listed for one of the parties was different from the one on my certificate of service and on the e-mail notice previously filed in the case. The system also gives the user the option to update or add email addresses for him- or herself when filing. The system remembered the changes I made for the first document when I went in to file a second document. Two weeks ago when I filed the notice of appeal, none of this was an option.

I had already served the documents before filing this once, but from now on, I will wait to see if eservice is available. The system sends a copy of the email to the sending attorney as well, with the filed document, to act as a receipt. Like many, I will be so happy to see the need for creating those “Service of Court Document” emails go by the wayside.

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