Jordan Formally Presented to Judiciary Committee

Senators Nelson and Rubio this week formally presented the nomination of Judge Adalberto J. Jordán to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Senators’ recommendation was glowing — and if you are a geek like me you can watch the recorded version of the hearing, linked on the committee’s page for the hearing (the presentation of Judge Jordán begins at 27:25, and the questioning of Judge Jordán begins at 40:43, and runs through 54:10). Judge Jordan’s official questionnaire [.pdf] is available on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s website. After some confusion on how to pronounce Judge Jordán’s name (he told Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar to pronounce it with the Anglo way, Jordan), Jordán thanked his family and chambers staff and handled the questioning quite well. Notably, he cited to his experiences in sitting by designation as helpful to the job he will hopefully have. A big hurdle down for Judge Jordán.

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