Badalamenti Fills Davis Vacancy on Second DCA

The Governor has appointed John L. Badalemnti, who until his appointment had served for nine years as an assistant in the Appellate Division of the Office of Federal Defender, Middle District of Florida, to fill the vacancy on the Second District Court of Appeal created by Judge Davis’ retirement. Judge Badalementi announced at the HCBA Appellate Section Luncheon earlier this week that he will start on the Court next Monday, May 18th. Congratulations, Judge Badalamenti.

Governor Fills New Second District Seats

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Sam Salario and the Hon. Matthew Lucas for their appointments to the Second District Court of Appeal. Governor Scott appointed Salario and Lucas to fill the vacancies created by the Florida Legislature last session.

Soon-to-be Judge Salario will spend a few weeks wrapping up his practice as a partner at Carlton Fields. I’ve known Sam since our clerkship days (we both worked for Federal judges in the same courthouse at the same time) and I am so thrilled to see him ascend to the bench. Judge Lucas currently serves as a Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge in Tampa.

Best of luck to them both as they transition to life on the appellate bench, and to the entire Second DCA as they adjust to having two more judges to handle the case load!

Crisis Averted in Eleventh Circuit

The Eleventh Circuit is no longer in a state of emergency. At the end of last year, the Chief Judge had issued General Order 41 [.pdf], which allowed appeals to be heard by panels that did not include at least 2 11th Circuit judges. On Friday, the Court rescinded that emergency via General Order 42 [.pdf]. Panels that have already heard argument or had non-argument cases submitted prior to the issuance of Order 42 will consider the appeals as submitted, but all future panels will go back to having at least 2 11th Circuit Judges on them.